My Projects

Honestly - there's not much to show here yet. While I do provide some services like a Nextcloud instance or a selfhosted Overleaf server to my friends, there are not many things which I can really publicly "show" here.


The EventSystem is a semi-public Discord Bot of the german ModeratorenHQ. It's a bit akin to Discord's original Trick'cord Treat but is rethought and developed from the ground up using Rust and the Serenity/Poise libraries.

Garage control

More "tell" than "show", but nonetheless something I enjoyed developing.
A Raspberry Pi Zero and two Relais in a 3D-Printed enclosure The brains of the system is a Raspberry Pi Zero W in a 3D-printed enclosure.
It is connected to four reed switches (two per garage door), through which it can determine if a garage door is (fully) open or closed. The relais are connected to the input of the door motors.
A little python script is running on the RasPi and providing an API via a flask-server. This allows querying the current state (open/closed/unknown) and controlling the garage door.
The typical use case is in conjunction with geofencing on a smartphone to automatically open/close the garage when arriving/leaving with the car.

AoC x Criterion

During December 2023 I built a template/framework for solving & benchmarking Advent of Code in Rust using Criterion

This website?!?

Uhhh… I guess this counts too??
Although I don't think I've got a big talent when it comes to designing stuff, this website kind of turned out fine. And most important: I learned some stuff in the process of creating hacking together the website - e.g. about 88x31 buttons.