A or B or "Next"

This is a "game", popularized by the podcast Alles gesagt?.
The hosts of the podcast quickly ask a bunch of questions, to which the guest can only respond with one of two given options or "Next".
However, only 10% of the answers can be "Next"

On this page, I will also answer some of those questions.
Note that those questions are sometimes deliberately ambiguous - and even more gets lost in translation.

Questions & answers

Snooze or "get up"? Snooze
Heed or Haste? Haste
Yes or maybe? Yes
Sharing or having? Sharing
Inside or outside? Outside
Incense or open window? Open Window
On or off? On
iOS or Android? Android
Helmet or no helmet? Helmet
Monogamous or "I don't care" I don't care
Tinder or offline Offline
Old or new? New
To do or not to do? To do
Twitter or Facebook? Twitter
Instagram or Facebook? Instagram
GMail or Posteo? GMail
WhatsApp or SMS? WhatsApp
WhatsApp or Signal? Signal
WhatsApp or Call? WhatsApp
Organic or local? Local
Welded organic cucumber or plastic-free normal cucumber? Plastic-free normal cucumber
Meat or Mountains? Mountains
Vegan sausage or no sausage? Vegan sausage
Soy or oat? Oat
Globules or aspirin? Aspirin
Waffle or cup? Waffle
Slice or toss? Slice
Flight-shame or train-pride? Train-pride
Trolly or no trolly? Trolly
TV or Netflix? TV
Messi or Kondo? Messi
Hoard or hunger? Hunger
Walking or running? Running
Toilet paper or no toilet paper? Toilet paper
Mask or no mask? Mask
Skype or call? Call
Intermittent fasting or therapeutic fasting? Next
By names or by dates? By names
By names or by colors? By names
Reading or writing? Writing
Book or eReader? Book
eReader or no reading? eReader
Genderneutral restroom or no restroom? Genderneutral restroom
Luke or Han? Luke
Episode IV or Episode VII Episode IV
On red or on green? On green
Red or green? Green
Yellow or green? Green
Yellow or black? Yellow
Kühnert or Habeck? Habeck
Habeck or Baerbock? Habeck
Merz or Merkel? Merkel
Merkel or AKK? Merkel
Merkel or Merkel? Merkle
Trump or Putin? Trump
Söder or Laschet? Laschet
Laschet or Merkel? Merkel
Spätzle or Knödel? Spätzle
Messi or Ronaldo? Messi
VW or Mercedes? Mercedes
BMW or Mercedes? Mercedes
Old Mini or new Mini? Next
Treadmill or forest path? Forest path
Hold or pass? Hold
Free kick or corner kick? Free kick
Offensive or defensive? Defensive
to be continued…